My story

Hi! My name is Alejandro Martinez. I am a twenty year old artist born in Nicaragua, a small but beautiful country in Central America. Despite my young age, I’ve had the opportunity to live in and visit many countries like Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany and the United States. Every single trip has contributed to new customs, traditions and many beautiful experiences. I am currently living in California, which has made a big impact in my current art style.

Since I was a kid, I’ve felt a particular passion for history and the arts. My mom wouldn’t allow me to watch TV until I’ve read some intellectual material (I am so thankful to her for that), which increased my fascination about the Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures. I’m also a big fan of modern history.

Every single day I look for more sources of inspiration and resources to read, watch, study and research, so that the artworks I create are culturally rich and emanate that ancient wisdom. I love abstract art too, which I’m constantly researching and expressing it on paintings as well.

About my art

My art likes to explore the beauty and elegance of buildings and monuments from ancient civilizations, and merges it with the cheering, hope-inducing idea of the American Dream.

I have always wanted to live in Los Angeles, California. Famous contemporary icons–in my perspective, have always painted the idea of the “land of opportunity” where if you put in the smart work and the time, you can become and achieve anything you want. My artworks act as a vehicle to express that dream-like state; that feeling that opportunity and success is right in front of you and all you have to do is reach out and grab it!

My main focus is to impulse you, a creative force, to live your dreams. My mission is to encourage you through my art to go all out in what you love and believe in yourself so strongly that others might feel uncomfortable or envious when they hear you talk about yourself and your personal journey.
My art, containing this message, will remind you of what’s possible and the fact that you are worthy. You are worthy of success, love, health, and a happy, fulfilling life!

About collecting art

Investing in art can be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, your family, and your home. If you’re starting out as a collector, it can feel a bit challenging. Some people like to overcomplicate the process, but I’ll give you a quick, simple tip that can ease the process of buying art:

“If it shakes you to your core, if it makes you feel alive, if it touches something inside and it resonates with you; then that’s the right piece for you.”

-me : )

It’s that simple. Some artists will try to sell you additional ideas and commercialize it in different ways, trying to fit in all the possible niches and markets. For me, it’s simple. If I see a work that just captivates me, I get it (if it’s out of my budget I get a print which it might not be the full original work, but it’s awesome too! Luckily I’ve partnered with Fine Art America to create amazing prints and other products that you can view here). I trust my intuition., whether it’s an “underdog” artist who is coming up in the art scene and makes some amazing work, or if the painter is rather experienced or even lived in other eras. If it gives you that feeling of awe, respect, opportunity, possibility, freedom, joy, or peace, then you’re at the right place.

Sometimes, you might want to establish a connection to get to know the artist better and familiarize yourself with his or her style. I totally understand that–which is the main reason why I’ve established different methods of communication. The main one is my Instagram, which you can follow here. I upload pictures of finished or in-process works, resources I’m currently reading, watching or learning about, and sometimes I also do live videos creating a painting and explaining my process! You can also subscribe to my newsletter here, where I share experiences, valuable content about books I’m reading, sneak peeks, news and much more.

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